Career at teckentrup SLI

Our employees

In order to ensure we continually meet your high expectations, we rely on our company's most important resource - its employees.

The teckentrup training programme helps new employees integrate both professionally and socially, in order to ensure a successful and lasting working relationship.

Constructive feedback and open communication are of paramount importance to us.

We rely on the skills and abilities of our employees and make every effort to promote their personal and professional development and help them achieve their individual aims.

Skilled workers and managerial staff

Are you looking for a medium-sized, innovative company with impressive levels of competence, performance and customer confidence, a company which values your engagement and seeks to offer new challenges? We’re looking for people with your know-how, your commitment and your readiness to contribute to our success.

Skilled Workers

Would you like to be part of a company characterised by openness and a willingness to learn, a company that both challenges and supports its staff?

We give you the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally, so as to fully contribute to the success of our business. At the same time, the company will demand from you a personal readiness to change and develop, in order to move forward in an extremely dynamic environment. Your own initiative is therefore just as important as the support given by the company.

Are you ready…
  • to act positively to implement the necessary processes of change within the company and actively engage in them?
  • to accept customer orientation as a guiding principle?
  • to critically review your own actions and opinions and to question procedures and decisions on a daily basis?
  • to put the company’s interests before your own or that of your department, to take decisions that will benefit the whole company and to act upon them?
  • to identify yourself with the company, its objectives and its strategies?
  • to put forward your own opinions when searching for the best solution and make your contribution to the implementation of that solution?
  • to take decisions objectively in support of company goals and - where opinions differ - to mutually and consistently support these both internally and externally?
  • to take responsibility for your own work and for that of the whole company?
  • to change, develop and acquire new skills?

Then you've come to the right place. Take this opportunity to play a very important role!

You can reach us at

teckentrup SLI GmbH + Co. KG
Grünestrasse 75
58840 Plettenberg
Telefon: +49 (0)2391 / 9993930

Logistics centre / outgoing goods
teckentrup SLI GmbH + Co. KG
Wefelshohlerstr. 44
58511 Lüdenscheid


teckentrup SLI GmbH + Co. KG
Grünestraße 75
58840 Plettenberg
Phone: +49 (0)2391 / 9993930